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Built with Indexhibit v10 1 small.jpg v13 arcs.jpg first grasshopper cropped.jpg connections v03 all together pipes on ribs 60 percent cropped.jpg 1ft apart cropped.jpg ribs notched and labeled.jpg physical model.jpg meets reality - assembly 10RR.jpg 20150105_122036.jpg 2015-02-06 09_44_23s.jpg 14_32_50 mammoth and freya 1024.jpg

Art installation for the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose, CA. I did a bit of everything on this. 3d modeling, rendering, physical modeling, 3d structural modeling*, fabrication consulting. I used Grasshopper to help do a lot of the really incredibly tedious stuff, like making fully annotated drawings of every single arc segment of pipe (several 1,000).

*Structural modeling: It's more accurate to say that I assisted the very able structural engineer, Andrew Nasser, by doing some of the grunt work in Autodesk Robot and later making the structural drawings to his specifications.

Fabrication by Paramount Roll.

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